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About Me

Hi, I'm Melissa...I have been designing, baking and creating personalised and bespoke wedding & celebration cakes for years - mainly in the Lake District but I have been known to travel much farther afield. 

I love meeting with my clients, getting to know them, listening to their ideas and then ultimately creating their perfect wedding or celebration cake.

I have worked in the wedding industry for over 8 years owning a bakery, designing wedding cakes, creating wedding cake and working alongside some of the best wedding venues in The Lake District.

My original love as a child was always riding horses. Barely a day would pass where I wasn't mucking out and riding naughty ponies before and after school. This led me to study an Equine Science and Business Management degree at Myerscough College. I loved every minute of this and I was always very practical. As time passed my interest in the business side of my qualification become more intriguing to me. That, added with my love of baking and creating cakes naturally led me to running my own business in the wedding cake industry.

There is real beauty in being able to start and finish a design that you have put your heart and soul into. The best part is delivering this cake and setting it up at one of the Lake Districts beautiful venues for your client. Some of the messages and thank you's I have received from these amazing people really touch me and fill me with pride.

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